VOMS attributes extraction plug-in for SCALLA/XROOTD

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This project provides a plug-in to extract the VOMS attributes for the SCALLA/XROOTD system. The plug-in is primarily intented for usage in conjuction with the XrdSecProtocolgsi authentication plug-in. It can, however, be used in others XROOTD plug-ins.

This plug-in uses the official VOMS client libraries. This dependency is the main reason why the plug-in is not distributed with the SCALLA/XROOTD main distribution stream-line.

The plug-in source code is under 'src' and consists in two files: XrdSecgsiVOMSFun.cc and XrdSecgsiVOMS.hh; the header file contains the interface for standalone usage.

Build and usage instructions are included in README.md.

The plug-in name is libXrdSecgsiVOMS.so .